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  • A Good Match – Reproduction

    Limited Edition Reproduction of 100 Two Major Mitchells huddle together on a log. Major Mitchells pair for life apparently. These two are real characters.
  • "Artistry in Motion" is a captivating drawing that captures the essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a powerful and dynamic way. The image of two skilled practitioners engaging in a match, with one executing a dominant throw, can be a beautiful representation of the art form's grace and strategy. The fact that this art is inspired by the respect and honor exhibited by these athletes adds depth and meaning to the piece, emphasizing the values that are often central to the martial art. The art convey's the physicality, technique, and spirit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, highlighting the dedication and hard work required to excel in this sport while also celebrating the camaraderie and mutual respect between competitors. It's a testament to the beauty of martial arts as both a sport and an art form. Such a piece can serve as an inspiration not only for practitioners but also for anyone who appreciates the artistry in motion that is inherent in combat sports.  I enjoy participating in mixed martial arts myself and really respect what dedication it takes to compete.
  • "Barrel Racing Dynamo." A young boy and his horse skilfully maneuver around a barrel on race day. Heart beating fast and dirt flying past.
    The crowd is a diverse mix of spectators - some engrossed and focused, others wandering in distraction at times. My choice to paint it on linen, an imperfect and textured canvas, underscores the idea that life, like the artwork is not about perfection. Instead about the raw and unpolished moments that emerge from the background to form a beautiful, unfinished narrative of shared human experience.
  • Limited Edition Reproduction of 100 This portrait painting portrays a modern-day dinosaur, the cassowary. It is one of the largest birds in the world and lives in the rainforests of Australia. These are dangerous yet shy birds. It has striking features and won't be hard to find on your wall.
  • Open Edition Reproduction Red-Tailed Black cockatoo looking out from his branch with gum leaves and botanical flowers.
  • Blue Fantasy – Reproduction

    Limited Edition Reproduction of 100 A blue vase on a linen canvas with two blue budgies in the scene and a yellow sunflower. A blue vase sits majestically on the linen canvas. One blue budgie sits on the handle of the vase and the other blue budgie flies freely. When I created this painting I didn't realise my own brush was telling me a story. It became clear to me that the flying bird of the air does not concern itself with belongings but is free and fully trusts God to provide its every need.
  • Blue Wren – Reproduction

    Open Edition Reproduction The superb fairy-wren gleams with its velvety blue and black plumage. Emerging from the colourful background he surveys his surroundings.
  • Budgies – Reproduction

    Open Edition Reproduction Two gentle budgies snuggle together close by on a branch. The playful and random splashes of colour in the background remind me of the two main characters perched together.
  • Open Edition Reproduction Five colourful characters in a row. Budgies are very social birds and one budgie was recorded as repeating more than 1700 words.
  •   "In this evocative painting, a picturesque scene unfolds as a rustic cart, pulled by a sturdy horse, makes its way down a tranquil countryside path. Flanked on either side of the driver are two loyal canine companions, each embodying a distinct sense of purpose. The dog on the right fixes his gaze backward, perhaps reminiscing on the journey already traveled, while the one on the left looks ahead with eager anticipation, ready to explore the uncharted path that lies ahead. This harmonious blend of nostalgia and anticipation invites viewers to contemplate the passage of time and the timeless companionship between humans and their faithful animal friends."
  • 92cm W x 77cm H Beautifully Handcrafted frame with poly cotton canvas Acrylic paint and airbrush techniques were used. We were camping at Cania George in Queensland and I was enjoying the wild animals that were visiting daily. In particular the bird life. This kookaburra kept visiting us. As I was putting the final touches on this painting outside my window I could hear the kookaburra's laughing.
  • Carrots – Reproduction

    Open Edition Reproduction A young wombat leaning down towards a carrot. Wisdom Wombat Rescue does great work and this was the inspiration to paint this cute wombat Jazzi.
  • Open Edition Reproduction A Fraser Island beauty, right near where the ocean meets the shallow rock pools. This was one of our favourite spots at Fraser Island in Queensland. Where deep ocean and shallow rock pools meet. After our swim, I was enjoying the waves crashing on the headlands in the distance. This oil painting features a location just to the left of Champagne Pools between Waddy Point and Island Head along 75 Mile Beach.
  • Open Edition Reproduction Mount Dandenong Victoria. It was Christmas Eve on the mountain and we loved visiting our family a couple of years ago. This time seemed even more special as we were not able to freely travel throughout our own country at the time. We even met Santa Clause on the mountain that afternoon. This painting won first prize in an art competition recently.
  • Open Edition Reproduction Finches enjoying lunch together. We travelled through the Simpson desert last year and whilst camping I enjoyed watching birds. I even hid in bushes observing finches but my camera zoom could not quite capture them clearly enough before the birds would scare. So my best view of the finches was actually at Ayres Rock camping ground. This is where my inspiration came from for this painting on linen.
  • Five Rocks – Reproduction

    Limited Edition Reproduction of 100 Five Rocks Beach featuring the coastline with palm trees. This majestic painting features overhanging palm trees in the foreground, rolling surf in between and the distinctive 5 rocks in the background. Five Rocks Beach is a straight, 5.3 km long east facing beach that lies between the Three Rivers headland and Five Rocks near Byfield, Central Qld.
  • Open Edition Reproduction A painting of Ross Creek Yeppoon. This painting features Ross Creek Yeppoon but in fact, it represents more than that for one family in particular. The boat was built by a family member and as the title says it represents, "Floating memories."
  • Limited Edition Reproduction of 250 The Australian Golden Whistler is a species of bird found in woodland, forest, mangrove, mallee and scrub in Australia. This particular bird was photographed by Tim Siggs in South East Queensland and Catherine Boreham painted this artwork on linen just focusing on the bird and the detail and colours.
  • Limited Edition Reproduction of 500 Bronc Rider in action at a Rodeo event. The bucking chute gate opens and the horse bursts out. The rider lifts on the rein and attempts to find a rhythm with the animal by spurring forwards and backwards with his feet in a sweeping motion from shoulder to flank.
  • 152cm W x 91cm H All of us need to Haul-out. A place where you feel safe to hang out with family with friends.  The Island of Seals was once a seal hunting location but nowadays it is a nature reserve where wildlife can just be. Because of the conditions, we were supposed to explore Wine Glass Bay but we ended up visiting this stunning location.  A small granite Island on the East Coast of Tasmania.  “Ile Des Phoques,” meaning, “Island of Seals.” The Island is 20 acres of Nature Reserve and you will find between 500 and 100 Australian fur seals there on any given day depending on the season. In this artwork, I chose to focus on one small section of the island so I could highlight the seals.   The places we were looking forward to seeing were diverted into a new adventure with unexpected highlights.
  • Kookaburras – Reproduction

    Open Edition Reproduction They say that two is company and three is a crowd. I am not sure if that is the case in this scene although perhaps the one lizard meal amongst three is causing some angst. One kookaburra in particular seems to have something to say about the situation.
  • Macaw – Reproduction

    Open Edition Reproduction The colourful giant of the Parrot world! This colourful macaw is loving life at the Melany Botanic Gardens. Macaw's large, curved and powerful beaks are designed to crack open hard nuts and seeds.
  • Limited Edition Reproduction of 100 Main Beach at Emu Park featuring all the nippers in action. Life Guards in training. This artwork features Main Beach in Emu Park in Queensland. There was plenty of action happening that day. This was a commission piece with some specific requests to be in the scene. The nippers learning and practicing their skills in the ocean was one. It was a beautiful clear day.
  • Open Edition Reproduction A popular and recognisable beach location in Yeppoon. Even though I know my home town really well, each day the beach brings something new to see. Today the sailing club is out in full force and many boats are making the most of the breeze.


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