Ross Creek Reflections

“Ross Creek Reflections”


  • Print of an original acrylic painting by Catherine Boreham.
  • I was captivated by the clouds in the scene and by the dark gritty substance sitting on the sand leaving interesting patterns.  The dimensions of the original work were 1800mm x 1200mm.
  • The artwork features a scene of Ross Creek, Yeppoon,  Qld,  Australia.
  • Ross Creek is a popular spot for boating and fishing for the locals.
  • Some of the benefits of painting in acrylics is the fact that they are water-based which means they can be thinned with water. No toxic spirits are required.  Clean up is easy also.
  • Acrylics also dry quickly.
  • Acrylics are not as toxic as oils.
  • I work in both acrylics and oils and find enjoyment using both mediums.

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“Ross Creek Reflections”