Island of Seals


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152cm W x 91cm H

All of us need to Haul-out. A place where you feel safe to hang out with family with friends.  The Island of Seals was once a seal hunting location but nowadays it is a nature reserve where wildlife can just be.

Because of the conditions, we were supposed to explore Wine Glass Bay but we ended up visiting this stunning location.  A small granite Island on the East Coast of Tasmania.  “Ile Des Phoques,” meaning, “Island of Seals.”

The Island is 20 acres of Nature Reserve and you will find between 500 and 100 Australian fur seals there on any given day depending on the season.

In this artwork, I chose to focus on one small section of the island so I could highlight the seals.   The places we were looking forward to seeing were diverted into a new adventure with unexpected highlights.

Out of stock


152cm W x 91cm H


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