Garden Delights

“Garden Delights”


  • Original Oil Painting  – by Catherine Boreham.
  • True Life Subject – Featuring a scene from the Rockhampton Botanical gardens in Queensland.
  • High Quality Finish – All of my artworks are coated in an invisible varnish which does not discolour with time.
  • Easy to Maintain – These original artworks can be cleaned and re-varnished about 5 years after purchasing by a professional framer.  This keeps them in top condition and therefore should look there best for many years to come.
  • Created using the highest of quality Oil Paints – Oil paintings display a depth of colour unrivalled and give a natural, life-like appearance.

This picturesque setting is one that can be found while strolling though the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens in Northern Queensland.

The Rockhampton Botanical Gardens are located very close to the the Rockhampton Golf Club and sit along side the beautiful Murray Lagoon.

I was particularly taken by the way the light was filtering down through the foliage of the trees and really wanted to capture the beauty in the moment.

Rockhampton is such a lovely place and really does have so much to offer its community.

So why do I paint with Oils?

Painting with oils is a relatively new outlet for me, and is one that I have been developing over the last couple of years. I have attended courses with world famous oil painters and learnt about how styles and techniques differ from working with acrylics – which have been my preference for a number of years.

Here are some simple reasons explaining a little bit about the art of Oil Painting, and why I am choosing to move in that direction:

  • Because the paint takes longer to dry one has a lengthier time to manipulate colours and create the desired effects.
  • I find more patience is required to paint with oils because the drying times are lengthier but you just learn to work along with this by planning ahead and having multiple artworks in progress at once.  No more excuses to keep your ideas waiting rather to start the next painting while the first one is drying before the next layer is applied.
  • There are more technical issues such as some paints drying quicker than others but once you are aware of this you can avoid problems down the track.

If you really like this painting or style, but it’s not quite what you’re looking for, make sure you contact me to discuss a commissioned work.

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“Garden Delights”