About Catherine Boreham

Catherine Boreham - Fine ArtistAbout Me


My home Yeppoon, in Queensland, Australia, features beautiful beaches and warm and friendly people and is one of the main reasons I ventured into the world of painting. I am so grateful to be a resident artist and this inspires me to really showcase the place I love as best as I can in my artwork.

Something drives me to try and re-create moments in time on the canvas. As I consider myself to be a Representational artist I hope that my love of the beach in particular shows through my art work.

Bold and life like is how I find people describing my artwork.

Although I am greatly captivated by seascapes I practice a varied range of subject matter including portraits. This willingness to explore many subjects has really fuelled my career as an artist further and widened my fields of experience. I usually work with mediums of acrylic, oils or pencil.

I have been working as a professional artist for 10+ years and specialise in Acrylic and Oil paints along Pencil drawings.

My Work


  • Original Paintings by Catherine BorehamDesign and drawing for self publication of 2 books in 2015.
    Distributed in 2015 to News Agencies Australia wide.
  • Book illustrations by commission in 2015.
    Children’s book illustration and publication in 1996.
    Commissioned for drawings 1994 – Present.
  • MURAL ARTIST – 5 murals for businesses.
  • CATHERINE BOREHAM – FINE ARTIST Business 2009 – Present.
  • Commissioned for drawings and paintings for private and individual collections.
  • Member of the Mill Gallery since 2006. – Involvement
    in solo and member exhibitions.

Working With OIL Paints


Painting with oils is a relatively new outlet for me, and is one that I have been developing over the last couple of years. I have attended courses with world famous oil painters and learnt about how styles and techniques differ from working with acrylics – which have been my preference for a number of years.

Here are some simple reasons explaining a little bit about the art of Oil Painting, and why I am choosing to move in that direction:

  • Because the paint takes longer to dry one has a lengthier time to manipulate colours and create the desired effects.
  • I find more patience is required to paint with oils because the drying times are lengthier but you just learn to work along with this by planning ahead and having multiple artworks in progress at once.  No more excuses to keep your ideas waiting rather to start the next painting while the first one is drying before the next layer is applied.
  • There are more technical issues such as some paints drying quicker than others but once you are aware of this you can avoid problems down the track.

Working With ACRYLIC Paints


If you really like this painting or style, but it’s not quite what you’re looking for, make sure you contact me to discuss a commissioned work.